About Us



Janolex is an experienced company manufacturing log cabins since 2007. We currently employ over 76 workers and have clients in various countries across the Europe, USA and Australia. The Dutch-Lithuanian management of Janolex UAB has multiple years of experience in production and sales of log cabins.

We are located in the province of Vilnius in Lithuania. On a terrain of over 6 hectares we have more than 10 000 m2 of covered area for production and warehousing. We have our standard range of models but besides that we produce also many bespoke cabins, usually designed with our application “Cabinplanner” that is freely available for all our dealers.


EU project:

UAB JANOLEX implements the project UAB JANOLEX investments in production digitization, no. 03.3.1-LVPA-K-854-02-0085, financed by the European Regional Development Fund (project budget – € 2,370,413.00, funding – € 829,644.55). Project duration from 2020 September 4 until 2023 September 1

The aim of the project is to install automated equipment with digital technologies, thus expanding the company’s production capacity, will increase employee productivity, will help to create a higher added value, and at the same time work productivity.

The project plans to solve the following main problems:

– low production capacity. With the available equipment, the company is not able to increase production capacity;

– labor shortage. The company’s production processes are not fully automated, which requires a lot of manual work. In the case of labor shortages, the problem is that it is not possible to produce the required amount of products within the set production deadlines.



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